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Bailey Brunner


Bailey Brunner Porkpie Hat

You haven't seen anything like this hat. A rounded porkpie crown with a wide flat brim separates this from any other hat. The sheen of this hat is due to Bailey's 606 finish. Besides the crown and brim, this hat is also unique due to its hat band. The band consists of hand torn suiting material and lambskin leather.

  • 3 1/2 inch flat brim
  • Rounded porkpie crown with 606 finish
  • Hatband made from hand torn suiting material with lambskin leather
  • Fully lined and finished with a goat skin sweatband

The 606 finish is made with the finest wool, double carded and hand wet felted, to create a luxurious wool felt hat. Stiffened but soft to the touch, these styles are an ode to Bailey's rich Western heritage... but with a more modern look leave. The 606 finish is often paired with a t-shirt and jeans.

$ 165.00