Hats vs. Caps

Hats vs. Caps

At Mister Hats, we have two main product lines, Hats and Caps. We feel that to continue to grow the popularity of headwear, we want to educate our customers on the differences between these two product lines.

The most popular headwear is the hat. A hat is defined to have both a crown and a brim. The crown and brim can come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. The minor and sometimes major differences in the crowns and brims are what defines the different hat styles available. We will get into many of the differences in a later post, but some of the most popular hat styles include the fedora, the porkpie and the homburg. Hats also typically have a hat band that varies in size and material. These can be very thick grosgrain bands, or they can be very thin leather bands. Many of the bands also have a bow on the left side of the hat (if it’s on the right, traditionally this is a lady’s hat). The bows are considered formal rather than feminine in this case. We have plenty of hat examples here.

Hat Diagram

 Our second line is the cap. A cap only has a bill. Like the hat, there are many different cap styles as well. A few examples are the ivy cap, newsboy caps and baseball caps. We have plenty of cap examples too, check them out here.

 The video does a pretty good job to show some of the major differences between hats and caps.

Come check out all of the differences between hats and caps for yourself.


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