Alvin Lansky along with his wife Beth opened a general store called Mister Discount in the late 70s. They sold a variety of items. One day, Lansky had a customer ask him if he sold hats. At the time, he didn’t, but he said yes and ordered some hats for sale. And thus Mister Hats was born.

In the 80s, Mister Hats began selling more and more hats. At this point, Lansky pivoted his business to exclusively sell headwear. Since that time, the popularity of headwear has skyrocketed. Lansky retired in 2015, and the store was taken over by his grandson Daniel.

Come see our store located in Memphis, Tennessee.

We carry the top national and international brands of hats, such as Borsalino from Italy, Wigens from Sweden, Kangol from England, straws from Ecuador and Mexico, and even Biltmore, Dobbs and Stetson made right here in the United States.

Browse through our store, if you live out of town check our website. Let us help you be the first in the neighborhood to purchase the hat of your choice.

Thank you for visiting us! We will endeavor to do our very best in fulfilling your requests.

Mister Hats 
113 South Highland St.
Memphis, TN 38111

Store Hours:
Monday - Saturday
10:00am - 6:00pm
Closed Sunday