How should I best ready myself for Winter?

How should I best ready myself for Winter?

At Mister Hats, our primary goal is to keep you looking good. We are fashion first, but there are numerous other reasons to don a good hat. In the summer months, sun protection is the biggest reason to wear a hat. In fact, the misconception of the Panama Hat grew out of the necessity for the sun protection while working on the Panama Canal, but I’ll get to that in another blog post.
We know it’s a necessity for sun protection, but as the summer months have ended I’d like to discuss the other reasons for wearing a hat, warmth. The temperatures are starting to drop. We find ourselves wearing sweaters, jackets and other heavier clothing. All our mothers have told us constantly that we lose 80% of our body’s heat through our head. The U.S. Army Survival Field Guide has stated body heat loss at 40% to 45%. Regardless, when we get cold in the winter it’s obvious to discover that your head is a major source of heat loss. Luckily we know the perfect fix to this dilemma. Wear a hat. That large amount of heat is lost usually because this is the only part of our bodies that aren’t covered.
We have several items that are great for winter. The first item is the Mayser Mathis. This is a heavy wool felt safari fedora. The thick wool is made in Germany to look great and keep you warm. This hat comes with a leather hat band that makes it easier to match with a wider variety of winter apparel.
Mayser Mathis Safari Hat


Aside from the Mathis, there are a variety of other fur felt and wool felt hats that are great for keeping your head warm. Check them out here.

 The hats do a great job keeping your head warm. There’s another product line that also does a great job keeping your head warm. These are the caps. We have ivy caps, newsboys and even a few baseball style caps. These caps look great and keep your head warm as well.

 One of our highest quality product lines is from the Wigens company out of Sweden. Everything they make is incredible. Some of them even have ear flaps that fold down to keep your ears warm too. We have a wide variety of caps made by them in several different styles and colors. Below is a picture that shows some of the variety available.

Wigens Cap Collection

Some of these caps even come with a matching scarf as well to truly keep you warm and looking great. These are a great Christmas present for that well-dressed man in your life. If you’re interested in one of these please reach out to one of our locations, and they will happily help you find the perfect cap and scarf combination.


Wigens is not the only cap line we have. Gottman also makes some beautiful caps too. We are very proud of other lines as well, but there's only so much space to show off. If you're interested in some of our other lines, you can check them out here.


 As always if there are any hats that you're looking for please reach out to us, and we'd be happy to help.

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