Picking Up Your Hat

Picking Up Your Hat

We've all seen how cool Indiana Jones looks wearing his hat. But one thing we never realizes is he's picking up his hat all wrong. For those of us in the Hat Industry, we cringe every time we see him pick up his hat.

The weakest part of the hat is the crown. Picking up your hat by the crown will make your hat wear out much sooner than it otherwise would. Grabbing it by the pinch puts the oils from your hand onto the hat which wears into the felt or wool. Also constantly re-pinching the pinch will cause your hat to start to crack at the pinch.

The easiest way to make your hat last longer is by picking it up by the brim. We've produced the following video to show you how.

 Of course, when you find the right hat we want you to enjoy it for years to come. We want you to come back to us because you love your hat so much that you want another one to build your collection, and not because your hat has been damaged.



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