The Classic Fedora Hat

The Classic Fedora Hat

I wanted to begin a series discussing the different hat styles. The most well known hat is the fedora.

Fedora is a very broad category. Most of the hats that we carry fall into this category. In fact 72.8% to be specific. Most are also fedora hats for men, but women can wear all of these styles too.

Fedoras come in two different crown shapes, center crease or dent and tear drop. They usually (but not always) have a pinched front. The brim sizes vary between 1 1/2 inches all the way to 3 inches. Fedoras also have hat bands that can usually be changed to match different looks that you're going for. Some of you feel that a hat isn't complete without a feather. Don't worry most fedora feathers are interchangeable. This feather will really set off your hat from someone else's.

Because so many hats fall into this category, I decided to leave the fedora on its own. Many people agree, the fedora definitely deserves its own place in the hat world.

For more information on the fedora, check out this video that we made.


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