Winter vs. Summer Hats

Winter vs. Summer Hats

The seasonality of hats is very important. As the weather changes, it is very important to stay comfortable. That's why there are winter and summer hats.

The differences between these seems obvious, but there are some key things to note about each.

Winter Hats are made to hold heat. They are supposed to keep your head warm. They are primarily made of heavier materials. They are usually made of either fur or wool. The fur felts are usually made from a combination of beaver and rabbit fur. Some hats are 100% of either. Some are also made of wool which makes them less expensive. Winter caps are typically made of a heavier wool.

Summer Hats are made to keep your head cool. They also have the added bonus of protecting your head from the sun. These are typically made of different straws, the most popular being Panama Straw. There are a few different varieties of summer straws, but all of them allow your head to breathe in summer heat. Summer caps are typically made of linen or cotton which also allows you to keep your head cool.

For some examples of winter vs. summer hats, check out this video that way made to highlight some of the differences.

Hats featured in the video can be found at the below:

Stetson Saxon

Wigens Jacob Herringbone

Stefeno Taylor Panama

Wigens Linen Ivy


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