Mister Hats Wednesday Post

This morning has begun just like any other morning. Both stores are open running at full. This is great because it finally gives me time to focus on the marketing aspects for both stores. I'm working on getting the word out as much as possible for the second store's grand opening.

I've been trying to get press releases out there, and I've also been getting flyers and postcards printed. Hopefully the word is spreading. If you're around Nashville on February 13th, come join us. I had some interesting thoughts about trying to get on TV for one of those local morning shows to promote the store. None of the news stations have responded yet, but I'll keep pushing for it.

The International Blues Challenge is also currently raging in Memphis today and this week. I was quite proud of my ad that was posted on Facebook. I'm monitoring whether or not anyone is actually going to come in due to it, but we'll see.

Don't forget, if you need a hat we got a hat. Come by either store or order straight from here.