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Mister Hats Friday 20160205

February 05, 2016 Daniel Lansky

Today has been a rather trying day. My issues were completely unrelated to either of the stores, but they're still very frustrating. Luckily this problem wont happen in the future for this individual. I haven't gotten everything completely worked out yet either. Both stores have had very good days. We should have a very strong finish to the week. Hopefully this helps us hit plan for each. It didn't hurt that one of you guys has decided to make a purchase. I'm happy that someone is actually reading this. (Dang I can't put an emoji in) My new staff is...

Mister Hats Thursday 20160204

February 04, 2016 Daniel Lansky

Good Afternoon, Today has been a good day for both locations. The new store has started to see steady traffic, and the original store saw good traffic as well. I'm becoming satisfied with my new staff that their product knowledge is increasing every day. They are becoming much more accomplished salesmen as well. The conversion rate of walk ins to customers is growing. It's not quite as high as it needs to be, but they're doing well. We have always stood for great customer service, so I'm very happy to see that coming along. Today, my focus has been on...

Mister Hats Wednesday Blog Post 20160203

February 03, 2016 Daniel Lansky

Both stores are coming along well. I've got most of my marketing plan figured out, but we have to enact the plan. I'm trying to think of different things to say in the commercials. If you have any ideas, feel free to share. Also, I've been continuing to put post cards up around town. Hopefully, people are actually seeing them up. I'm a big fan of every place that I've put one up, so I imagine other people like those places as well. One of the bigger things that I've been focusing on with a new store is quizzing my...

Mister Hats Tuesday 20160202

February 02, 2016 Daniel Lansky

HAPPY GROUNDHOGS DAY! Today started off really hot in Nashville but not so much in Memphis. There was a massive thunderstorm in Memphis this morning, and that storm is hitting Nashville starting around now. The guys in Nashville were quite happy, and it was a nice self esteem booster to see a little more traffic than we've seen in the short time we've been open. An early end to winter is not necessarily a good thing for a store that has seen the warmest winter on record this year. We shall see what happens. If anyone watched the ceremony this...

Mister Hats Monday 20160201

February 01, 2016 Daniel Lansky

So I'm not sure if this blogging is working to it's intended affect or not. We have always been the top searched spot in Memphis because there isn't another hat store around. It's a bit trickier in the new location as there is a little more competition. It seems like this is working as the website is steadily climbing higher and higher. We are now the 6th search in maps and on the second page for the general search. Saturday was quite an interesting day for me. As the weather was gorgeous and the store rather empty. I decided to...