Mister Hats Wednesday Blog Post 20160203

Both stores are coming along well. I've got most of my marketing plan figured out, but we have to enact the plan. I'm trying to think of different things to say in the commercials. If you have any ideas, feel free to share. Also, I've been continuing to put post cards up around town. Hopefully, people are actually seeing them up. I'm a big fan of every place that I've put one up, so I imagine other people like those places as well.

One of the bigger things that I've been focusing on with a new store is quizzing my staff on the inventory. I'm curious how my staff would do in Memphis if I quizzed them the same way. I know the guys that have been there for awhile would school me on the inventory (which is what I want), but I'm curious how the newer guys would do with the level of quizzing. I'm trying to push my guys to be as familiar as possible with the inventory before we get super busy. Then, I'm going to pull a fast one with all these guys, and I'm going to end the winter season to do a complete inventory changeover as we transition into spring/summer. Evil right?

Good bye for now, and happy hatting.