Mister Hats Thursday 20160128

Things are running relatively smoothly today. Both stores are up and running at full. One store got an extra shipment in today that was a little late, and the other store is a bit short staffed for the time being. All in all, the stores are humming along nicely.

The new store has gotten the last piece of build out finished today. I have hooked up the picture slide shows that are to play in the store everyday. I think it adds a nice touch to the store, and it helps customers see different products when they are off the shelf. I just need to get more pictures of customers in hats to add to the different slide shows.

Things are also humming along with regard to prep for the grand opening. I have my postcards ready, and I'm going to be sending some of them out tonight. I've also received tremendous support from my girlfriend's family. Everyone wants to help me get off the ground. Honestly, all the help is most welcome. So if you'd like to help as well, you know where to find me. I think I will have the Nashville Chamber of Commerce at the opening as well. They want to do a ribbon cutting ceremony. I think my grandfather, the original Mister Hats, will truly get a kick out of cutting down the ribbon for the new store. Hopefully, we can get this bash off on the right foot.