Mister Hats Friday 20160205

Today has been a rather trying day. My issues were completely unrelated to either of the stores, but they're still very frustrating. Luckily this problem wont happen in the future for this individual. I haven't gotten everything completely worked out yet either.

Both stores have had very good days. We should have a very strong finish to the week. Hopefully this helps us hit plan for each. It didn't hurt that one of you guys has decided to make a purchase. I'm happy that someone is actually reading this. (Dang I can't put an emoji in)

My new staff is coming along really well. Putting the pressure on these guys to be hat experts has really paid off. They are knowing the inventory really well. 

I've also met another neighbor to the new store. This store is in such a great little pocket. Longterm, we should really thrive here. There are some really cool neighbors. There're two wood working stores, a guitar maker, a coffee bean roaster, a graphic designer, a music pick and sell and an art gallery. We met with one of the wood workers, and he has offered to make us some nice hat sticks. They have some leftover wood, and we're doing it as a barter too. We're looking forward to having some nice higher end hat sticks. I'll show you guys, my followers a picture once it's up.

I'm starting to think however, that I should actually start a blog and call it the trials and tribulations of small business. I could give you some crazy insight to things that go into running a small business. There are so many random things that I would have never thought to have been things to worry about. One such is commercial construction, which is something I would have never ever thought I would learn anything about. But don't worry my building is perfectly to code, and it looks great. As soon as everything else is really thriving, we'll have to see about updating store 1 to look like store 2. Not to mention the true reason for these writings has to do with my efforts to increase our SEO. I bet I could write a full blog posts about a layman trying to increase SEO, FUN!

As always keep on hatting. Have a wonderful weekend.