Mister Hats Thursday 20160204

Good Afternoon,

Today has been a good day for both locations. The new store has started to see steady traffic, and the original store saw good traffic as well.

I'm becoming satisfied with my new staff that their product knowledge is increasing every day. They are becoming much more accomplished salesmen as well. The conversion rate of walk ins to customers is growing. It's not quite as high as it needs to be, but they're doing well. We have always stood for great customer service, so I'm very happy to see that coming along.

Today, my focus has been on online marketing strategies. It's been a great day making sure that both locations are listed accurately on every listing site that I could find. I have a whole lot more work to do in that field as well, so it will be a fun few days. But it won't be nearly as fun as Saturday. My plan is to stand outside waving to potential customers again.

Bye for now, and keep hatting away.