Mister Hats Tuesday 20160202

Mister Hats Tuesday 20160202

February 02, 2016 Daniel Lansky

HAPPY GROUNDHOGS DAY! Today started off really hot in Nashville but not so much in Memphis. There was a massive thunderstorm in Memphis this morning, and that storm is hitting Nashville starting around now. The guys in Nashville were quite happy, and it was a nice self esteem booster to see a little more traffic than we've seen in the short time we've been open.

An early end to winter is not necessarily a good thing for a store that has seen the warmest winter on record this year. We shall see what happens. If anyone watched the ceremony this morning in Punxsutawney, the guys in the 'inner circle' all wear top hats with tuxedos. In knowing great details about the hats themselves, I could see how nice those top hats are. We have a few in our Memphis store, but it's such a rarity that anyone wants one as nice as that. It's worth mentioning that it is nice to see people wearing such great quality.

Until tomorrow, keep on hatting.