Mister Hats Monday 20160201

Mister Hats Monday 20160201

So I'm not sure if this blogging is working to it's intended affect or not. We have always been the top searched spot in Memphis because there isn't another hat store around. It's a bit trickier in the new location as there is a little more competition. It seems like this is working as the website is steadily climbing higher and higher. We are now the 6th search in maps and on the second page for the general search.

Saturday was quite an interesting day for me. As the weather was gorgeous and the store rather empty. I decided to step outside in an attempt to wave down some traffic. I was out there for about 2 and a half hours total, and that was the catalyst to all of the business done on Saturday. I'm glad that some people came in, but I'm ready for them to start coming in because they know we're here.

The grand opening for the new store is still set for Saturday, February 13th (less than two weeks away). Everything is going full steam ahead. Members of my staff are trying to plan for a small fashion show. I'm putting a list together of food and everything else that's needed. We have some live music playing from one of our customers, and we also have a ribbon cutting. Don't worry, I'll share a picture of the ribbon cutting with you. It should be a good one, as I'm getting Mister Hats himself to come to town to the cut the ribbon on his second store. Hopefully, we'll see all of you dedicated readers at the grand opening.

Trying to give Memphis a little love as well. They need much less as everything is running very smoothly there. One of the best things that I've been doing for the new store has been commenting and posting on the neighborhood facebook group. I'm now searching for the neighborhood group for Memphis. I haven't quite found it yet, but I'm hoping that will have as much of a reaction as it has in Nashville. The idea is that it is a hyper localized community that will be super happy to support their own. Plus, there's nowhere else to get a good quality hat in Memphis, so it's another way that people can learn of our existence.

Until next time, happy hatting. And if not, come visit us either in Memphis or Nashville or even online right here to start hatting.